The time to seek training isn't after you need it, it's before.

The sad reality is, when the “bad thing” happens we don’t rise to the occasion, we sink to our level of training.


– Jason Reel

Take Action Now

Awareness and mindset should be the foundation of your personal protection plan. A warrior mindset and skillset is what you need to thrive during a violent encounter.

The only limitations we have are the ones we give ourselves.

Why we do what we do

Due to the increase of anti social and asocial violence in our country, you or a loved one could become an unwilling participant of violence at any time. 

With active shooter events, aggravated assaults, rapes, murders, home invasion robberies, road rage incidents and other violent crimes on the rise in today’s society, what are we as individuals doing to prepare for the one thing that can take our lives or change it for the worse?

We are not an ego driven company, but a people driven company. While we are confident in our skillset we are open and equally transparent about what we do not know. If there is ever a course or skill we are not comfortable teaching or believe you would benefit from training that is outside of our lane, we will be more than happy to suggest a company or Instructor to help you meet your needs.  ​


Our mission is to train members of the Military, Law Enforcement, Security, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel and everyday men and women to protect themselves by any and all means necessary. Our goal is to train you in the latest tactics of awareness, mindset, and physical and emotional skill sets that you will need to survive a violent encounter and prepare you for the inevitable aftermath. In order to do this your perception of violence may need to be reframed to ensure that you are comfortable enough to utilize the tool of violence to protect yourself or your loved ones.

​We don’t expect that everyone seeking training will be at the skill level of the Instructor. Our mission is to meet everyone where they are in their training journey and bring them to the level of training they wish to achieve.





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